Founded by Geeta (Belle Scar) LONDON CREATIVE SINGING offers exciting and unique one to one singing lessons, singing groups, workshops and choirs.

These are open to anyone who loves to sing and wishes to express their creative side in a safe space and  a non judgemental environment. Singing is a positive uplifting and therapeutic experience which can increase confidence and over all well being. I offer private one to one lessons in person or online, masterclass for singers and actors,  stage performance and songwriting workshops, artist direction coaching and producing tailored to what you need. No auditions and no musical knowledge needed to get involved with LCS. I provide a comfortable environment for people to take risks and try things they've never done before. This is a personal process and part of that is confidentiality and complete trust.

It’s all about singing your heart out,  learning to understand your voice, an amazing release,  feeling free to let go and be creative. LCS offers a fresh and  innovative  understanding of singing and will help you develop new skills whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced professional singer. I also offer group workshops specialised to a wider community of neurodiversity/divergent people. I want to provide a space to do things differently in your own way with your voice.

BEGINNERS CHOIR Next Term starts Wednesday Februrary 21st 2024 at Whitehall Park School 

LEVEL 2 CHOIR/SINGING GROUP  will start in April 2024 

Get in touch to sign up, spaces limited.



Unlock your full vocal potentiel


I'm a professional singer, performer, musician, composer, producer, vocal coach and conductor. I have been playing the piano since the age of 5 years old and I've been singing for more than 25 years and I have developed many vocal  and breathing techniques to get a full understanding of the voice and all its resonances. I studied music theory at University of Montreal and Electroacoustic studies at Concordia University in Montreal but followed my own unique path as an artist, composer, producer and vocal coach not compromising my vision and share my passion with my audience and with my students.  I performed at Glastonbury Festival,  recently at Sadler's Wells and Royal Festival Hall Hall for the WOW Festival. I teach all levels, many genres and styles including Pop, Rock, Soul, Indie, Jazz, blues, alternative, Singer-songwriter, musical theatre, experimental... Whether you are a beginner or an advanced singer already performing and recording, I can help you: 
-have a better understanding of your voice 
-develop tones and textures 
-expand your range 
-learn new skills 
-gain confidence and feel more connected
-harmonies/music theory/improvisation
-songwriting workshops/ music compositions/poetry/art performance
-speech and articulation/ accents
-prepare for recordings, live performances, auditions for theatre, musicals, TV and film.

-Producing, arrangements and compositions.

All this in a very friendly and creative environment at my cosy music studio in North London or at your rehearsal space. I also offer online sessions via Facetime, Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp. 

To book a first session, vocal masterclass or group lesson get in touch with me.